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Location:Fucken Houston Texass
Sexual Preference/Marital Status:Straight,kinda taken
Body Modifications:Ive got a tattoo of the word oi on my hip bone with
a pair of boots under it
Favorite Movies:A clockwork Orange,Suburbia(not the new fag one)American History X, city of god.
Favorite Bands:Oh shit... umm... lower class brats, blitz, the buzzocks,minor threat,a global threat,cocksparrer,sham 69,riot squad,clockwork crew,Blanks 77 alot more...
Favorite Lyric:Blanks 77-Punks and Skins
They say our glory years have come and gone
but what do they know, them fuckin' cunts
things will never be like they were before
that's what they say as they walk out the door
but the young ones,
we shoot straight from the heart
we're gonna finish what we start
we're gonna unify
punks and skins never say die

punks and skins wear boots and braces
punks and skins wear angry faces
punks and skins ain't gonna fight
punks and skins never say die
The time to have fun has come at last
no more fightin', what a fuckin' blast
if you don't hate me, I won't hate you
cuz we're both the same, me and you
when the nazis come, we're gonna fight
you and me, standing side by side
we're gonna unify
punks and skins never say die

Hobbies: going to shows,drinking,walking the streets
with my friends,making short films
Likes:Punk and Oi, getting drunk,clockwork orange,skins,shows,good music,my boyfriend.
Dislikes: Lotsa shit. faggot cunt sellouts.

What do you think about the...

Government: I could give a fuck less, they dont control me. fucken dildo sniffers.
Abortion: Its your choice. but you should have the guts to face your own mistakes.
Drugs: I personally don't do drugs but if you wanna do them then Im not gonna bitch
at you and NO Im not straightedge.
Media: I could care less.

Promote us to at least 2 places (post the 2 links here):
Pictures (alteast 2):

Image hosted by Me (Ive only got one pic)
Image hosted by
Image hosted by My fucken sexy bitch haha
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