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Name: Nicole
Age: 14
Location: Winston salem
Sexual Preference/Marital Status: curious/singel
Body Modifications: only ears
Favorite Movies: thirteen, sin city, the crow, corpse bride, and the year punk broke
Favorite Bands: eva chavela, the drive, hole, bikini kill, courtney love, nirvana, pink floyd, the epoxies, frankie's broken toy's, bettie after midnight, atomic blonde, cigarette, L7, bobbie trap, the sex pistols, the birgade, The Jolenes, bad habits, jack off jill, horropops, Voxillary, and jimi hendrix
Favorite Lyric: "They wanna' watch me hang in the valley, They wanna' watch me swing in the valley" - eva chavela's "Wish me away"
Hobbies: Photography, poetry, drawing, painting, guitar, making clothes, reading, making graphics, and other crappy stuff.
Likes: music, the un-jaded, black and white movies, collages, writting, dolls, riot grrrl, and the early 90's
Dislikes: the 80's hair band era, pop, math, eggs, red meat, sleeping, tom cruise, narrow mindedness, rednecks, and hot days.

What do you think about the...

Government: It's not perfect, no goverment is. There are most certainly problems that need to be fixed, starting with getting a president that has a clue and is literate. The leader of a country should at least know how to speak the language of the country that he's in charge of.
Abortion: I'm pro-choice all the way. A family like mine can do that to anyone.
Drugs: I'm not against them, though I couldn't see myself doing them. Not now anyway, I'm way to young to do anything like that.
Media: The media has just about ruined the world to be blunt. It's caused self-esteem to get so low that it's unbelievable. They spread lies, hate, and fear. If it were up to me 75% of these newspapers and magazines wouldn't even get printed.

Promote us to at least 2 places (post the 2 links here): I'll promote, and make banners if I'm accepted.
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