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Location:Middle Island, NY
Sexual Preference/Marital Status:Bisexual, in a reationship
Body Modifications:piercings-Tongue, Belly button, Smiley, Nipples, Septum, 6 in each ear. 00guages.
Favorite Movies:Night of the Living Dead, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Gia, Labrynth
Favorite Bands:Vice Squad, Nasua, Devotchkas, Subhumans, 7 seconds
Favorite Lyric: "You can follow the leaders but don't dictate to me"
Hobbies:Shows, walking around aimlessly, drawing, photography
Likes:Tight pants, nice people, eyeliner, music, night time, High heels, excersize
Dislikes:hypocrisy, agesim, sexism, liars, procrastination

What do you think about the...

Government:I'd accept the government if they didn't lie to cover their asses all the time.
Abortion:I'm not pro abortion, but I'm not totally against it. It's very controvercial. I know there is always adoption agencys but I would never be able to live if I thought my parents hated me and gave me up. But I don't think killing an unborn child is right.
Drugs:Hard drugs like coke, crack, herion, and LSD are fucking stupid. I mean I know don't knock it till ya try it, but I'd rather not get addicted to anything and feel dependent upon anything. Alcohol is considered a drug but I do drink so I have no right to say anything about it and be a hypocrite.
Media:Don't get sucked in. I don't want to be anyone else and I don't want to be told I should be like anyone else.

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