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Fresh MeatBasics

Name: meg
Age: twenty
Location: Houston, TX.
Sexual Preference/Marital Status: straight/single
Body Modifications: anti eyebrow pierced. 8 tattoos
Favorite Movies: Natural Born Killers, Detroit Rock City, The Elephant Man, Trainspotting, & The Believer.
Favorite Bands: Kings of Nuthin, Mad Marge & the Stonecutters, Nekromantix, Bad Brains, G.G. Allin, Johnny Thunders, Ny Dolls, Lowerclass Brats, & umm..Generation X.
Favorite Lyric: " sixteen hundred packed with angry young men
Came burning down mainstreet
I touched the epiphone that hung on my hip
It knew the sound of my heartbeat
But turning the corner in a twisted heap
They pulled some bodies
From an upturned Ford
Some kid looked at me and said it's only life
Might as well use it while we're young
Might as well use it while we're young
I queued with some friends outside the ABC one
To see the killer with no name
Yeah De Niros so great, and you know last week
I saw the universe in flames
But it's always the same like Citizen Kane
Y'end up with nothing and you leave for home
Talking and kicking coke cans in the street
As Fu Manchu Looks on
As Fu Manchu Looks on
And I thought they must think I'm crazy
The things I'll see for fun
Then in my mind I saw the enemy
And I wasted him with my gun
I thought of my brother working Heathrow
Flying engines in the night
Learning every part he'll be through in years
When I'm signed on for life
Lying here waiting for a hero to rise
But a lazy man lies back instead
No one hears the young man when he's alone
Planning to kill someone
Planning to kill someone
And I thought it must be me who's crazy
The things I'll do for fun
Choosing poison to get to paradise
Paradise west one
And I thought it must be me who's crazy
The things I'll do for fun
Choosing poison to get to paradise
Paradise west one
Hobbies: painting, guitar & piano, riding bikes, skateboarding, drinking, film directing, etc.
Likes: hairmetal, punk, stoners, tattoos, jack daniels, clove cigarettes, sex, rowdy motherfuckers, etc.
Dislikes: BBQ, rap music, the smell of old people, etc.

What do you think about the...

Government: I believe in structure. But I don't like our government.
Abortion: I'm prochoice
Drugs: I used to be really bad on drugs, but now I'm off. One of my best friends just recently died of an overdose, so of course, I don't agree.
Media: only plays what it wants you to hear

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